Wednesday, 12 November 2014

What Is Jeremy Duns Hiding?

In September, I started a debate on this blog about whether Jeremy Duns was entitled to describe himself as a journalist when there is so little evidence of him having done any paid reporting.

One response from Duns was to point out that he had a company that did journalism.

I challenged Duns to publish its accounts, or at least to supply the name of this company. Anyone can set up a company - the point is, does it have any work.

Duns has so far not been willing to do so.

He has ducked and avoided a straight, simple and fair question.

This is suspicious.

What would the accounts of this company show?

What income does Duns have and who is paying him?

Why is he so determined to keep it secret?

Duns needs to answer these questions.

Maybe he will dismiss the questions because they are asked by a women - and Duns does not think women should be allowed to speak.

But more and more people are starting to stand up to the bullying that Duns is a specialist operator in.

If we are strong together we can defeat him.

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