Thursday, 11 October 2012

Does Duns Hate Women Part II

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post here about Jeremy Duns's championing of unauthorised phone taping. 

I happen to think that is wrong. After all, if Duns is allowed to tape people's phone calls without their agreement what is to to stop a political party, or an arms manufacturer, or the security services? It is important - I believe - to make make a stand.

Duns disagrees, arguing that he is justified in doing so to expose what he sees as unethical marketing, or the supporters of Julian Assange (a great exponent of press freedom). 

He has his view and I have mind. There is room here for legitimate debate in a civilised way.

What shocked me was the storm of violent misogynist abuse thrown at me for raising this issue.

I am aware that right-wing public schoolboys like Duns and his gang are not used to having their opinions questioned by a mere woman. Even so, the violence of the language suggests men with very  sexist state of mind.

One of Duns' followers called me a 'bitch' repeatedly - and a man's bitch as well.

Another - an unpleasant looking character with a shaved head and tattoos called Steve Mosby - tweeted that I would be 'very, very sorry' for the blog post. 

Duns himself started posting that he was tracking down my place of work - whether he planned to come and confront and threaten me he didn't say, but that seemed to me the clear implication (why else does he need to know where I work?)

It is incredible that in this 21st century men like this still think it is okay to threaten and bully women like this -and that we will put up with it. 

It set me to thinking about the rest of Duns's work. And what I have found it is series of articles with a level of hatred towards women that makes me sick. 

I will detail them in the next few weeks - because it is important the people who read his books are aware of this. 

I have to start somewhere, so I will start here - this article in The Times from 2009 (it is behind a paywall, but you can read it on this message board). In loving detail, Duns researches how many of James Bond's girlfriends have died. 

"Women! Are you thinking of having a relationship with James Bond? Think! Almost a third of Bond’s sexual partners have died since the British superspy began his adventures, and the death toll is rising sharply."

So that's ok is it Duns? You have sex with a woman and then she dies. And that is something you want to celebrate? Superspy? That's what killing women makes you is it. 

At no point is there even a hint that Duns thinks there is something sexist about this. 

As I said, shocking. 

We live in a world where violence and abuse against women is still very common - and growing worse with every year that passes. 

Women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than from cancer, car accidents, war and malaria, according to the World Bank - see more details here. 

In my view, there are a whole host of reasons for that. 

But right-wing, sexist articles like that one create a culture in which violence against women is seen as acceptable. The same culture in which you dismiss a woman who disagrees with you as a bitch.

It is disgusting - and it has to stop.