Friday, 31 October 2014

Jeremy Duns Is A Women-Hater

I have raised the issue before of whether Jeremy Duns is a women hater.

After I started this blog, I was called a bitch, and threatened with rape as a punishment.

And it is also the case that he repeatedly praises the work of Ian Fleming, a writer who often wrote about women in violent and sadistic terms.

But now it is my view that this hatred of women - all women - has reached a new and more violent extreme.

Jeremy Duns has launched a vile and despicable attack on the writer and former sex worker Brooke Magnanti. He repeated accusations that she had used a sock-puppet account on Twitter - although there was no clear evidence she had - and did so in a bullying way that amounted to serious and intentional sexual intimidation. Then he tried to prove that she had not in fact worked as a sex worker, including trawling review sites of prostitutes, and demanding that she provided photo-graphic evidence of herself engaged in sex work. Unbelivable but all true. He then raked up old accusations that he had made that she copied an article she wrote for the Daily Telgraph from Wikipedia, when it was clear she had just used it as source material.

It is clear that Duns had a nasty obsessive side to his character, and this behavior amounted to online stalking of Magnanti.You can see some of his bullying tweets here.

Many people on Twitter argued that this amounted to whore-ophobia, and I think this is true.

In fact, sex workers are women who step outside of the confines of male-dominated society and take control of their own lives. Instead of selling sex within marriage, they sell it openly and brazenly, and get a far better deal than simpering Barbie-doll women. 
As Magnanti argued, to a man such as Duns, it is taken as given that all whores are liars - because they are women who do not allow themselves to be controlled by men such as himself.

That is why he has to attack them.

It is men such as Duns who create a world in which is okay to attack women, and to use violence to control them.

It is disgusting - and we need to be strong together to resist him. 

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