Friday, 26 June 2015

Why Is Jeremy Duns Lying About His Finances...

A few months ago I raised the issue on this blog of whether Jeremy Duns was entitled to call himself a journalist, given there is very little evidence that he ever publishes any journalism, and has never worked on the staff of a major news organisation.

In response, Duns stated clearly that he had set up a company to do journalism.

To me, this is not a convincing reply. Anyone can set up a company. I can set up an automobile company. That does not make me BMW. The question is whether the company has any work. So I challenged Duns repeatedly to give the name of this company.

But Duns has refused to do so.

This is very odd. And it set me to thinking about his reasons.

I do not believe there is a privacy issue at stake. All company records are publicly available. If I had the name I could look it up.  And in point of fact Duns has in the past published details of writers he is attacking taken from company records. So it is not as if Duns can believe that it is a private matter.

So why won't he name this company?

I believe there are three possible reasons.

The first is that Duns is lying. It may in fact be the case that Duns just said that he set up a company because he thought it made him seem important. There are  lots of dreamers out there who claim they have done this or that so they seem bigger people than they really are. Nearly all of them are men and women will have met plenty of them. They are usually suffering from a painful sense of inadequacy. If so, that would be in keeping with the bullying that is also the stock in trade of Duns. Fantasists are usually bullies as well.

The second is that Duns is ashamed. He may have set up the company, expecting it to deal with the income from his writing. But now there is not very much of that. I cannot find any evidence of his published journalism, and as other bloggers have pointed out, his books sell in pathetic numbers so it is not possible to believe that he makes any real money out of them. If I had the name of the company, I might find that it had an income of only a few hundred pounds a year, at best. Duns poses as a professional writer, but if he cannot earn any money, he would be revealed as a failure. This may explain why he will not reveal the name of the company.

The third possibility is more troubling. There have been suggestions on Twitter that Duns is employed or paid for by other groups.  I cannot comment on that directly. This blog only deals in hard evidence. Unlike Duns I do not fire out allegations that cannot be proved. But if Duns were working for someone, then some large payments would appear in his company accounts. So it may be that he keeps it secret to protect his real paymasters.

Whatever the reason, Duns can clear this matter up simply by revealing the name of his company.

His refusal to do so, and his demand that his own work be free of all scrutiny, despite the abuse he levels at other people, shows us what kind of man this is - a bully, who hides his own secrets.

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