Wednesday, 20 November 2013

An Extraordinary Allegation Against Jeremy Duns

On his Wikipedia page, and in an article in the FT, Jeremy Duns states quite clearly that he was born in Manchester.

But on Twitter, @StephenHildon has looked him up and found that no one of that name was born in Manchester or elsewhere up until 2006.

  19 Nov
according to an FT article he was born in Manchester but there has never been

So what is going on?

Has Duns lied about where he was born, and if so why?

Of course, it might be that he was adopted. Or that Duns is a nom de plum.

But again, why has he not said so?

Duns holds other people to account. But why is he not being honest himself?

These are important questions and Duns needs to answer them.


  1. He must've already seen it as he has blocked me already!

  2. Another possibility is that his parents weren't married when he was born and his father wasn't present when his mother registered his birth. In that era there was no place to give the child its own family name so would automatically take the name of the father or if not present the mother's.

    Often when this happened the birth was re-registered soon afterwards with the father present.

  3. Your desperation to smear me knows no bounds, it seems. Not that it's any of your business whatsoever, but my mother remarried when I was two and my name was changed to my stepfather's name by deed poll when I was older.

    I know you desperately want to find something I've done wrong, I've no idea why, but please stop airing 'extraordinary allegations' without even checking whether they are true. It doesn't befit the human rights lawyer you claim to be. (Would a human rights lawyer really be running a website smearing someone they don't know, with no evidence, for over a year? I doubt a decent one would, anyway.)