Friday, 25 October 2013

Jeremy Duns - Public School Twitter Bully

A lot has been written about bullying on Twitter. Most attention has focussed on teenagers. But I want to highlight the public school bullying exemplified by the writer Jeremy Duns, who this week launched his second campaign against the obscure blogger Gerard Killoran.

I have made it quite clear in several posts that this blog is written in my own name. But Duns continues to insist that it is written by a man. At various points he has suggested it is written by the thriller writer Stephen Leather. One of his followers (or was it Duns himself?) even set up a blog to push that line. You can read it here. Leave aside the oddness of setting up an anonymous blog to complain about an anonymous blog - who knows how these people think - it provided no evidence to support that conclusion.

Duns's main candidate is Killoran. He launched a furious attack on him last year, which you can read about here. It was an attack of extraordinary verbal violence, of a sort that might cause real harm to an elderly man. But worst of all, it was untrue, as Duns later admitted.

Most people might be humbled by that. But not public school Jeremy, who is always right about everything because he went to a posh school, and is happy to trample on people because he is upper class.

On Oct 21, Duns believed he had found evidence that Killoran was in fact the author of this blog. It seems a 'trap' had been laid by one of his gang, a writer called Luca Veste (who has a book out soon featuring - you guessed - a serial killer who 'experiments' on his women victims). I cannot believe that any man in the 21st century would talk about 'trapping' a women - but Duns thinks it is fine. Based on this 'very clever trap', Duns then launched his usual barrage of tweets against Killoran. You can read them on his Twitter feed - here .

Except, whoops! It turned out this boys club was not as clever as it thought. By the end of the day, Duns had to admit he had got it wrong, and owed Killoran an apology.

Right. Hearty apologies to for saying they were , who will now continue to smear me for the next decade or two.

What this shows us is two things.

The first is that Duns is a bully who uses Twitter to smear and attack people, but who does not have any concern at all with getting his facts right.

The second is his sexism. He clearly cannot believe that this blog is written by a woman, because they belong in the bedroom or the kitchen. They cannot be allowed to have strong opinions, or to stand up to public schoolboys like Duns. If they do, he has to deny that they are women.

Duns represents everything that is going wrong with the world. That is why we have to stand up to him and must never give up the fight.


  1. 'Duns is a bully who uses Twitter to smear and attack people, but who does not have any concern at all with getting his facts right.'

    I apologised to Gerard Killoran, publicly and privately. He has also apologised to me for defaming me online using many of the 'arguments' from this website.

    Perhaps you should practise what you preach, Maria. You keep publishing shocking, extraordinary, incredible allegations about me without doing any checking into them whatsoever. In fact, you are using this website to smear and attack me, and have done for over a year now, and you clearly don't have any concern with getting your facts right. When I point out they're wrong, you don't admit they are or apologize for them, but simply move on to publish another smear. You're a hypocrite. Perhaps you'll see it one day.

  2. Perhaps Duns should also apologise to Stephen Leather and Steve Roach, who he has also accused of being the author of this blog. It is laughable that Duns accuses you of not checking your facts. Duns has made a career of attacking people on Twitter without checking his facts. Details are here and elsewhere

  3. Hello, Stephen. Have you ever used the name 'Big Nick Palmer' online?