Wednesday, 29 May 2013

David Hewson's Sexism & Bullying

A few weeks ago, I used this blog to highlight the sexism of the work of a British crime writer called David Hewson. He is by no means the only example of how the crime genre now routinely uses disgusting and graphic depictions of violence against women to sell books - but in my view he is one of the most prominent.

I believe that Hewson's response was revealing of the mindset of this small group of right-wing writers, of which Jeremy Duns seems to be the leader.

On April 7th, Hewson tweeted: "Just once for the record... you are a cowardly web troll hiding behind anonymity in a pathetic attempt to spread lies. Grow up..." The link is here. 

Let us remember that this is a man who makes his living by writing violent scenes of violence against women.

So how does he respond when a woman questions him on it?

With yet more violence.

Why am I a cowardly web troll? What is cowardly about pointing out something that you believe is wrong? Hewson may not like that I disagree with his work, but what is cowardly about making the point?

I am not hiding anywhere. I use my name for this blog, and it is completely open to comments.

What are the lies?

Notice that Hewson makes no attempt to argue or to set the record straight. My blog post on his work quoted from his published work. Is he not the author of 'The Killing I & II? So what lies are these?

What we see here is a very similar reaction to Jeremy Duns when I questioned his tactic of taping phone calls without permission. I am subjected to a campaign of personal abuse and intimidation.

But I repeat my point. Hewson's work uses extreme violence against women. Every day women are abused and raped and sometimes killed. I suspect there is a connection between that and the way popular culture glorifies violence against women. I can't prove that, but I think it is worth discussing.

I don't think that making the argument is cowardly. And I think Hewson should grow up and answer the questions in a civil and reasonable way.

I see Hewson has a new book out soon. Details here...

It feature a 'kidnapped daughter'. It had to be a daughter didn't it? It would never occur to a man like Hewson to have a kidnapped son....

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